Get Virtual Assistants Uncategorized Why should entrepreneurs use Virtual Assistant Services?

Why should entrepreneurs use Virtual Assistant Services?

Virtual Assistant Services
Virtual Assistant Services
Why should entrepreneurs use Virtual Assistant Services and list of services that could be offered.
The biggest reasons why entrepreneurs nowadays struggle to grow their businesses is because they are wearing too many hats at the same time.
They do everything in their business. In reality, They are the business themselves!!
It’s a dangerous, downward spiral that most entrepreneurs are suffering from ‘Superhero Syndrome’, will eventually encounter – if they don’t change the way they are doing things. Fast!
Anyone that’s ever visited my blog before will know that I am a huge advocate of outsourcing and working with all the different types of virtual assistant services available, right now, at your arsenal.
It’s just plain smart to leverage your time with talented workers on your team, than try and do it all yourself.
Virtual Assistant Services you could offer
  • Creating/maintaining database and CRM’s
  • Collating business cards into an Excel sheet
  • Data entry
  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Data mining / online research
  • Typing up notes
  • Minute taking
  • Video creation/editing/uploading
  • Social media set up/maintenance/content research/scheduling
  • Facebook, Twitter or Google ads – creating, monitoring and analysing
  • Setting up/managing webinars and podcasts
  • Forum commenting/monitoring
  • Setting up LinkedIn groups
  • Photoshop work
  • Transcription
  • Marketing – creating sales pages/squeeze pages/pop up email boxes
  • Creating/editing/formatting templates and guides
  • Event coordination – venue finding and confirmation/collating attendees and documents/on-site support
  • Chasing outstanding invoices
  • Diary/calendar management – scheduling meetings, syncing with devices, adding upcoming events
  • Email management and detox
  • Writing/editing/formatting reports and presentations
  • Researching/making travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Lifestyle management – personal duties inc buying gifts, dry cleaning, booking restaurants and events, house moving, researching cheaper utility companies, paying bills etc
  • Blog set up/writing/SEO/editing/scheduling
  • Website set up/writing/SEO/editing/scheduling
  • Newsletter set up/writing/autoresponders/editing/maintenance/scheduling
  • eBook editing/formatting/publishing
  • Gmail set up, importing and creating labels/filters/folders
  • Designing/formatting infographics, logos, social media profile images
  • Email Management/Filtering
  • Setting up Autoresponders
  • Booking appointments with clients
  • Following up with client/customer (sending thank you and other reminder emails)
  • Receptionist duties (answering calls)
  • Calendar Management
  • File Management (organizing files using Dropbox etc)
  • Database building
  • Research on certain topics for blogposts, newsletters or others
  • Personal errands (purchasing gifts for loved ones)
  • Hotel and Flight Booking
  • Transcription (transcribing voicemail, video or audio, podcasts etc.)
  • Taking down minutes of meetings
  • Creating basic reports
  • Preparing Slideshows (Powerpoint Presentations)
  • Liaison between you and other team members
  • Recruitment
  • Set-up Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube)
  • Manage and update Social Media Accounts
  • Manage your Blog
  • Publish posts on your Blog (content you provided)
  • Filter  and reply to comments on your blog
  • Answering support tickets
  • Blog commenting
  • Participating in discussion forums or message boards

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