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Appfolio Support FAQ's

Appfolio Support FAQ’s

Here are some Appfolio Support Faq’s that would answer some basic questions.

What Is Appfolio Alpha ?

AppFolio Alpha is for asset managers to provide them a new experience for data collection & consolidation from different property management systems automatically to create alignment with internal teams.

What Does Tenant Need To Make Appfolio ACH Payments ?

Tenant needs money in a bank account with routing id and account number.

Do We Provide Appfolio Training Manual ?

Yes, we do provide appfolio training manual and there is a fee for that.

How Much Is Appfolio Credit Card Fee ?

Credit card: 2.99% per transaction. Debit card: $9.99 per transaction. Electronic cash payment: $3.99. Application fee: $5.00.

How Much Does Appfolio Cost Per Month ?

It starting cost is $1.40 price per unit / per month
Minimum Appfolio monthly cost is $280

Does Appfolio Work With Quickbooks ?

QuickBooks Online and AppFolio integrations can be integrated using connectors.

Do You Help With Appfolio Work Orders ?

Yes, we do.

How To Use Appfolio?

Appfolio offers free demo, you can go for that. Or we can provide private training on how to use Appfolio.

Do You Do Appfolio Resident Screening ?

Yes, we do provide Resident Screening.

Do You Provide Appfolio Bookkeeping ?

Yes, we do provide Appfolio Bookkeeping.