Appfolio Property Management

Appfolio Property Management has been a learning curve for all the property management companies. Whoever uses Appfolio to manage the properties for their clients.

Having the owners, tenants and vendors managed under one tool sounds really great. Tracking things is the most tackling part, which our team is really good at.

Service requests, creating work orders and handling repairs by coordinating with vendors and tenants is our expertise. Above this getting owners involved and keeping them updated with the repairs and estimates. Getting owner approval on make readies and large repairs. Multiple estimates to make sure we and the owner are not being chopped off.

Above everything, we have expertise to help you mark up estimates. This makes extra income for the property management company. Having a virtual assistant who understands the software, it makes a way out of the nightmare for people who are not really good with it.

We understand your needs and process, we can help you improve your process of the operations too.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or want our assistance.